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Circular Rigid Footing - RoundPad

RoundPad Features
RoundPad Sample Output
RoundPad Documentations

RoundPad is an Excel spreadsheet for finding pressure below Rigid Circular Footings & Pads and calculating FOS against Overturning.  Three pressure distributions can be Linear-No-Tension, Linear-Tension Allowed & Uniform-No-Tension. Point or distributed over rectangles, applied Loads can be Fx, Fy,Fz, Mx & Mz.  Database facility allows analysis and storage of thousands of Pads & Load Cases in one Excel file

File:  Size: 3500 KB

Retaining Wall Analysis - RetWall

RetWall Features.pdf

RetWall Documentation.pdf

RetWall is an Excel spreadsheet for the analysis of Retaining Walls subjected to lateral and vertical loads. Using its analysis results, the wall stem and its base can be sized to have adequate stability and strength for resisting applied loads.  Database facility allows analysis and storage of numerous walls and load cases in one file

File:  Size: 210 KB

Pressure Beneath Pad - EccPad

EccPad Features.pdf

EccPad Documentation.pdf

EccPad - An Excel template which calculates pressures beneath pads in compression and bi-axial bending.  The induced pressures can be compression with part-tension or no-tension.  The variation of pressures can be linear-elastic or uniform-plastic.
File:  Size: 745 KB

PatchStaad Download

PatchStaad Features.pdf

PatchStaad Documentation

Given the global coordinates of the load and the plate element, PatchStaad works out the local patch load coordinates. In addition it also produces code for data input into Staad. This code can be copied and pasted into the Staad input file.
File:  Size: 534 KB

Beam Analysis 1 to 4 Span
An  Excel 97/2000 Template for analysis and database of 1, 2, 3 & 4 span  beams.   Nine types of Load, each having an individual load factor, can be applied on the span.  Loading and Beam data can be saved/viewed for  up to 500 beams and retrieved later for manual or auto analysis.
File:  Size: 526 KB
Loads Beneath Rigid Pile-Caps or Rafts



An Excel97 Template for finding distribution of loads beneath rigid Pile Caps or Rafts. Pile cap or Raft shape can be any multilinear shape.  No of piles and their positions can be any required values.  
File:  Size: 284 KB

Skeleton - a DOS Program

Skeleton- A program for the analysis of plane frames
A DOS program which works in Windows 3.1 & 95 Environment
Requires Winzip program for extraction after download
File:   Size: 373 KB

User Manual - Skeleton

PDF Document
File: ManualSKELETON19980913.pdf  Size: 370 KB

Skeleton Examples

Data files for 7 Manual Examples
Requires Winzip program for extraction into a folder
File: Size: 38 KB

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