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Garbage Display when using Excel Templates
Garbage display in the shape of #VALUE! error in cells occurs at times on some computers.  This is usually caused by not having installed Service Release Updates from Microsoft SR1 & SR2.  To cure, please visit Microsoft website and install the latest updates available for your Windows Operating System.

Printing problem when using templates for the design of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular and Circular Columns
Some users are finding that when printing from rectangular and circular column design templates,  Excel 97 is not able to cope and crashes.  It seems the problem is with the printer drivers which are out of date.  The spreadsheet layout is demanding and old printer drivers are unable to cope with the  Excel 97 printing demands.  If this problem occurs please obtain the latest printer driver for your printer from its manufacturer.  A last resort may be to acquire a latest printer having an up to date driver.

Scroll Lock when using PileLoads
Screen scroll lock sometimes occur when Command Button to Add Piles is clicked quickly many times to add more than one pile at a time.  If such locking of screen occurs, the solution is to activate any other worksheet, for example Terms, and then re-activate the worksheet with Scroll Lock. 

Describing Dead, Live and Wind Loads when using PileLoads
In view of concise layout, some confusion arises when describing above loads.  The template handles the following 5 types of loads:

Dead Load -   User Moments and Point Loads referred to as DL
Live Load - User Moments and Point Loads referred to as LL
Wind Loading X-direction - User Moments and Point Loads referred to as WL x-dir
Wind Loading Y-direction - User Moments and Point Loads referred to as WL y-dir
Self Wt of Pile - calculated by the template from area and depth of Pile Cap or Raft

The user defined loads in the above are all input in green colour cells.   All point loads are vertical - the template does not handle any horizontal loads.

The two wind loads in X and Y direction, i.e. Mxx, WL x-dir and Myy, WL y-dir, do not act simultaneously, although understandably the acting position for point loads is  the same.

For each wind direction, two analyses are carried out - one for overturning giving maximum tension and the other for normal design giving maximum compression in each pile/pack  Thus a total of 4 loading case results are reported.   By varying the values of Load Factors, a user can control magnitude, inclusion and exclusion of each category of loads in the 4 analyses.

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