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  • is an Excel 97/2000 spreadsheet template for the conversion of measurements in various units used by Architects and Engineers in the Building Trade
  • Units covered include: British Imperial System, French Metric System, US Customary System, The International System of Units S.I. and some other units used in practice e.g. navigation, astronomy, etc.
  • File size is under 500 KB
  • Help button for instant instructions of use in each conversion table
  •  Documentation and feature list included within the template
  • A mouse click converts a known measurement from any one unit to rest of the units
  • For normal size measurement values, the number of numeric places displayed to right of the decimal point can be specified
  • is made available as shareware. For further information, including registration details and disclaimers, refer to Terms within the spreadsheet.

IMPORTANT: Please read DISCLAIMER before download and use   

IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions      

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