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At Chris Buczkowski’s Web site,  the following Excel Spread sheet files are available
  • Reinforced Concrete Workbook to  BS 8110 for Designers and Detailers
  • Wind Designer’s Workbook for the Calculation of Wind loads for Building Design using BS6399: Part 2: 1997
  • Bar Bending Schedule to BS 4466: 1989 and Amendment No. 1 published 28 February 1990
  • Shape 99 for producing a continuation sheet with dimensioned sketches of shape code 99 bars
Reinforced Concrete Council.  Offers a CD having the following Excel Spreadsheet files for Design to BS8110 & EC2. 

Spreadsheets to BS 8110: Part 1
RCC11    Element Design
RCC12    Bending and Axial Force
RCC13    Punching Shear
RCC14    Crack Width
RCC21    Subframe Analysis
RCC31    One-way Slabs (A&D)
RCC31R Rigorous One-way Slabs NEW
RCC32    Ribbed Slabs (A&D)
RCC32R Rigorous Ribbed Slabs NEW
RCC33    Flat Slabs (A&D)
RCC41    Continuous Beams (A&D)
RCC41R  Rigorous Continuous Beams NEW
RCC42    Post-tensioned Slabs and Beams (A&D)
RCC43    Wide Beams (A&D) NEW
RCC51    Column Load Take Down & Design
RCC52    Column Chart Generation
RCC53    Column Design
RCC61    Basement Wall
RCC62    Retaining Wall
RCC71    Stair Flight and Landing - single
RCC72    Stairs & Landings - multiple
RCC81    Foundation Pads
RCC91    One-way Slabs (Tables)
RCC92    Ribbed Slabs (Tables)
RCC93    Flat Slabs (Tables)
RCC94    Two-way Slabs (Tables)
RCC95    Continuous Beams (Tables)

Spreadsheets to EC2 (prEN1992-1-1 dr49)
RCCe31    One-way Slabs 1st issue
RCCe33    Flat Slabs 1st issue
RCCe55    Axial Column Shortening NEW

The spreadsheets are offered as shareware ie. try before you buy/ register. Registration costs - 50 + VAT. Use Printreg.xls to register.  Registrants get access to free updates over the internet.

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