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Beam Analysis
You can use this template for beams which have cantilever ends.  To do so, apply a point load and a moment to represent the influence of cantilever loading at the left or right support.  As the template reports moment and shear values at left hand side of sections (analysis points) only, please note that the cantilever load values are shown as zero at the right hand supports.  If you have one only one cantilever end, prefer to use left hand end as the cantilever end.  In all cases (i.e. left or right support being the cantilever end), the overall calculated results of analysis remain correct and valid.

is a versatile program.  For example, it can be used to calculate the influence of stair cores in providing lateral stability to the building.  To do so, the stair core walls are represented in the template as multitude of packs as piles.  For example, if the stair walls are 250 thick, assume 250 x 250 section piles at 250 centres along the centre line of stair walls.  Where there are openings in the walls, miss the presence of such packs.  By applying   total moments Mx and My on the building and making the weight of the pile cap/raft as zero by specifying zero density of floor, the template calculates the magnitude of compression and tension in each pack/pile.  We recently specified 340 piles/packs to represent the presence of three stair cores at different locations in foot print of a building.


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